Why Smart People Believe In Ridesharing Services

22 AUG 2016

Commuting in your own car to the office may not be as exciting as you had thought due to the obvious strenuous difficulties that pose like the traffic jam, fuel cost, parking cost, laborious driving hours due to the ever-growing traffic and so on that may leave you disgruntled altogether. But, who said owning acar is the only way to reach the office convenientlyat whatever time you wanted and whatever pace you wanted? In fact, there is a much expedient form of travel, which would not only overcome the above-said difficulties but also can be decided as per your need and necessity, of course without burning a hole in your pocket. Certainly, we are neither talking about the public transport here nor the usual taxis; this is a form of ride service chosen by the smart people for the obvious smart benefits it showers and is called the ‘ridesharing’ service.

What is ridesharing?

Ridesharing is an on-demandtransportation service that allows you to make a request to the service provider, normally through the intended mobile ride apps, to facilitate your transportation for whatever destination permissible, as per your convenience for a justifiable amount of fee. Although called ridesharing, the service can also be used for individual transportation purposes and therefore, sometimes referred to as ride-hailing as the former is often associated with the ‘carpooling’ method of service.

But the companies that popularized this type of on-demand ride on services, such as the Uber and the Lyft referred them as ridesharing service and hence, popularly known by that way. Whatever, ridesharing or ride-hailing one thing that remains unchanged is the benefits, for which the smart riders prefer such services.

The top 5 reasons that make smart people opt for ridesharing service


Anytime you can find a ride to your desired destination without much pre-planning or pre-scheduling and such is the advantage of this ridesharing service because the drivers are always available to take you home or anyplace of your choice at whatever time you prefer. When you want a ride, just open the app and enter your location and find the nearest driver waiting to fulfill your service request promptly. This availability is much more prominent in popular ridesharing services like the Uber and the Lyft, as many drivers and cars are attached to their service.


You can hail the service just from your doorstep by opening the ride app and choosing the desired location. Much simpler is you can even monitor the assigned car’s movement and get ready just in time to board the cab! So, simple, isn’t it? If such a convenience is feasible, who would want to stand in the crowd and raise an arm each time only to find an annoying occupied taxi? Also, you need not engage in cash transactions as you can finish your payment using your credit/debit card and therefore, need not worry about the shortage of change anytime. Thus, this ridesharing service is convenient in every way for a user like you!


Most of these ridesharing companies follow strict background check procedures while recruiting a driver into their service and thus, safer than the conventional taxi services. Since the driver’s details are well-known by the company, in the case of any unpleasant happenings prompt action could be initiated against the responsible driver and the fear of which would make them act sensibly.


The mentioned point is true in the case of actual shared usage, that is while using the ridesharing services for carpooling, which would decrease the number of cars on the road and therefore, less pollution, fewer traffic problems, lower fuel utilization and all such welcoming benefits towards the environment that make any responsible person happy and contented.


You need not have to worry about fuel cost, parking cost etc. and just have a pleasant ride to your desired destination by paying the pleasant nominal fee when you choose a reliable ridesharing service. The charges are insanely cool because they are less than what you would pay for a usual taxi drive. Also, by carpooling, you could save money while commuting to your workplace, which would be lesser than the expenses of your own car ride.

Not only that, the prominent companies like the Uber and the Lyft often encourage the customers by offering discounts and promotional coupons and therefore, you could get some occasional free rides up to specific kilometers/miles. So, the next time when you plan to utilize Uber or Lyft service, never fail to check for lyft promo or Lyft promo and enjoy discounted ride safely and conveniently! All the above-mentioned smart benefits are the reasons why smart people prefer ridesharing services for their transportation needs and don’t forget to become one among them by opting the reliable ridesharing service for every ride needs of you!

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